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• 1 Coat Stucco
• 3 Coat Stucco
• 20/30 Sand finish
• 16/20 Sand finish
• Cat Face Finish
• Smooth Finish
• Dash Finish
• Acrylic finishes
• Arcusstone
• Lace Texture

1 Coat Stucco

1 coat stucco system consists of paper, foam backing, wire and two coats of exterior stucco. It uses the Styrofoam in place
of a “scratch coat” that is typical in a three coat stucco system. It is an alternative to the three coat system and
has its advantages and disadvantages. The cement used in the one coat system is about 3/8 of an inch
thick and is reinforced with fiberglass particles.

3 Coat Stucco

3 coat stucco is applied in three layers:  3/8-inch thick scratch coat, 3/8-inch thick brown coat, and approximate 1/8-inch thick finish coat. The approximately 7/8-inch three coat system is applied over an approved weather-resistive barrier and metal lath either by hand using a trowel or by machine application.

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